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We believe hard work beats skills every time.

Coach mel

Coach Mel Moore was born in New York and raised in Providence, RI where he played sports. 

As a young man, Coach Mel worked as a youth counselor for several different organizations.

When he tore his ACL and Meniscus in college he began to focus his efforts in motivating youth through sports to achieve their wildest dreams.

In 2011, he launched his first AAU organization, RI Renegades.  While they were successful and enjoyed some fantastic times Coach Mel’s passion for all things sports led him to transform the organization into what is now known as Revo Sports.  A multi-sport organization aiming to change the lives of youth through sports by providing a holistic approach that connects life, sports, academics, and adulthood.

About Coach Mel

Our values

 Be Better

“Why settle for good, when great is around the corner?” -Coach Mel Moore

Most people don’t get great, because they settle for just “good”. At Revo Sports, we help our athletes be better at everything, because we believe any goal can be accomplished, on the court and in life.


We are better together. With us, you’re not alone - we work best when we all learn from each other: “Each one, teach one.”

Hard Work

All your goals - the pot of gold - are at the end of a rainbow called Hard Work. Nothing replaces hard work when it comes to the results you want. We teach consistency and repetition, so you can get out what you put in. Every drop of sweat is a goal met.

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