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It's time to take action.

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 Coach Mel Moore offers a variety of keynote speaking topics covering fostering healthy team culture, optimizing your calling, and lessons in leadership. From young adults, to business owners, to aspiring entrepreneurs, he takes his years of experience in business, athletic coaching, and pastoral service to bring each audience a unique perspective that produces not only motivation, but action. Click the link below to book Coach Mel for your next event. 



While Coach Mel’s coaching career began in the athletic industry, over the last several years he has evolved into the realm of individualized and group life coaching and mentoring. With over 10 years of experience as a Senior Pastor, as well as over 20 years in the basketball coaching arena, he brings a perspective to his clients that is unique, inspiring, and most importantly, built upon a solid spiritual foundation.



In addition to keynote speaking and coaching programs, Coach Mel also offers group workshops that can be facilitated to corporate organizations, small businesses, non-profits, ministries, and more. Each of the speaking topics below can also be facilitated as a workshop.

2021-2 speaking & workshop focuses

Creating Team Culture 

This talk will take you on a journey of creating culture that will change the way you impact your field, be it in entrepreneurship, ministry, or in your corporate sphere. Through this talk, leaders will identify the culture and environment best suited to them and their team, and show team leaders why creating a strong culture is so important.


Key takeaways include:
1) Finding Your Tribe
2) Owning Your Lane
3) Creating an Ecosystem for Maximum Growth


Maximizing Me

When you don’t fully understand the potential of your gifts, strengths, and personal identity, it is impossible to boldly walk in your calling. And even when you do, oftentimes there are still barriers preventing that knowledge from materializing into action. This talk is designed to help the audience clearly identify their purpose and direction, along with understanding the steps to take to begin optimally directing their energy, so that they can leave an impact on the world and community around them. 

Key takeaways include:
1) Moving from confidence to Godfidence
2) How discipline leads to lasting change
3) Going from understanding to taking action

Leadership Lessons

With leadership experiences come many valuable lessons. In this keynote speech, you will learn what it means to be a true leader, and the obstacles that leaders often are faced with along their journeys. This talk is designed to help the audience define their leadership abilities, identify their leading style, as well as learn tactics on how to lead large teams.

Key takeaways include:
1) Identifying your leadership style
2) 10 practical steps to becoming a great leader
3) Tips and tactics for leading large teams



If you're looking for your next keynote or workshop host, Coach Mel has got you covered. Fill out the form below to tell us more about your upcoming event, and decide if Coach Mel is the right fit for you.

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